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Cyberattack targeting the University of Courbevoie

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

On 24 september, the Léonard-de-Vinci university centre in Courbevoie was cyber-attacked.

According to the institution’s adminitration, the hackers accessed a server used to host all the data collected by the centre since 2015. They were therefore able to steal personal data of students, former students and school’s staff.

Among the data that has been stolen are civil status, contact details, bank details, official and administrative documents and academic background data. The administration of the university claims that the stolen bank information is mainly IBAN numbers and that other bank data wasn’t affected by the attack.

On Twitter, two accounts claimed responsibility for the attack, posting screenshots of the stolen data as evidence. They claim to have gotten hands on more than a terabyte of data and “only” exploited unpatched vulnerabilities and security holes in order to reach the server. The profile of the hackers does not correspond to organised cybercrime, for the moment it doesn’t appear that they have demanded a ransom.

The only positive point is that despite this attack, courses could be carried out normally as well as all the IT services.

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