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Photo du CEO de Malizen cybersecurité, Christopher

CEO & Cofounder

Christopher Humphries

Photo de Simon, CTO de Malizen cybersecurité

CTO & Cofounder

Simon Boche

Photo de Léa, COO de Malizen cybersecurité

COO & Associate

Lea Deswarte

Photo d'Alexis, Front-end dev de Malizen cybersecurité

Front-end Dev.

Alexis Launay

Photo de Romain, Machine Learning Researcher de Malizen cybersecurité

Machine Learning Researcher

Romain Brisse

Photo de Louis, Back end dev de Malizen cybersecurité

Back-end Dev.

Louis Daniel

Photo de Sylvain, DevOps de Malizen cybersecurité


Sylvain Le Corvec

Photo de Mathilde, Digital Marketing de Malizen cybersecurité

Digital Marketing 

Mathilde Queffurus

Photo de Pauline, Graphic Designer de Malizen cybersecuritér

Graphic Designer

Pauline Guillaume

We believe in technology

Technology can be so powerful, it can sometimes seem like magic.

We don't believe in magic. We believe in technology which simplifies problem solving, which unifies teams and which accelerates work.

Always try to move forward

We are audacious because progress doesn’t come without taking risks. We seek adventure because life is too short to play it safe. We are curious and always seeking to learn.

We're here to help people

We think the key is to listen to others. We want above all to understand so we can support others as much as possible. We want our community to trust us.

Our work should be a driving force

We want our job to have meaning. We value team work and cooperation. We seek flow state, for ourselves and our community.

Our values

How it started ? 

Our story started with many long evenings discussing the importance of people in cybersecurity and how technology could help analysts investigate and respond to incidents.


Christopher and Simon knew there was need for new tools to empower cybersecurity teams. With Christopher's expertise in analytics and data visualisation and Simon's background in cybersecurity and machine learning, a new cyber data science platform was born. 


In 2020, they started building Malizen.

logo Malizen

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