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Speed up your cyber investigations to respond to real threats faster and more reliably.

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Alert qualification

Spend time only on alerts that matter.

Faster tier 1 investigations

Effectively collect, correlate, and proficiently exhibit data to analysts allowing them to concentrate on what they do best. Nobody has time to waste on false positives.

Bring context and speed to your investigations

Analysts can swiftly pivot across data sources and observe events in the context of a timeline. Enabling intuitive and fast data exploration without screen switching or query writing is crucial for analysts.

Users can quickly trigger rule updates and respond promptly. Our platform's core data visualization, speed, and precision enhance the effectiveness of alert systems, enabling timely and appropriate actions against threats.

Handle quickly significant threats

Threat Hunting

Find threats faster with a central interactive visual environment.

Alert Qualification

Nobody has time to waste on false positives. Qualify alerts and find incidents faster.

React quickly to security incidents with clear and comprehensive intelligence.

Incident response

Detection Optimisation

Continually update and align your detection rules with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

All your cyber investigations

Incident response

A streamlined process from detection to response.

More complete investigations

Malizen allows analysts to investigate intuitively, in context and at full speed by aggregating all available logs sources (SIEM, EDR ...) and displaying it in an interactive visual environment. Pivot as many times as required to discover the complete sequence, extent, and underlying cause of events.

Save time on classification

Our ML based-copilot recommends the most relevant MITRE ATT&CK techniques and tactics according to the progress of your investigation. Let analysts focus on identifying anomalies in their dataset to speed them up on standardised classifications.

Share your investigation's leads with your colleagues in real time, and find the right experts to help you. No need to wait for the coffee machine to exchange.

Collaborate and share

Detection Optimisation

Get more of your data.

Connect your SIEM to all your logs sources

Our platform facilitates visual exploration of data from your SIEM and seamless integration with other information sources. This enables swift utilization of contextual information to optimize rules more efficiently.

Go beyond dashboards and queries

Malizen makes it possible to visualise and explore data more quickly and in greater depth thanks to visual data investigation and a drag&drop interface that makes it easy to test attack scenarios.

By integrating threat hunting with SIEM optimization, organizations can leverage the results to fine-tune their SIEM system configurations.

Correlation rules can be adjusted to better detect anomalies and reduce false positives. The loop is closed!

Integrating threat hunting to detection optimisation

Interoperable with

Jira Software
MISP Threat Sharing

Threat hunting

Interactive visual hunting to go faster and deeper in your investigations.

All your data sources in a single platform

Malizen enables consolidation of multiple data sources into a single and reliable source of truth. We go beyond just combining data. We provide a unified view of all data sources correlating them for contextualised data mining.

Interactive visual hunting environment

With Malizen's unmatched visual capabilities, analysts are able to visualize and analyze more data than ever before. Malizen allows analysts to concentrate on their data and trace connections.

With our machine learning-based copilot, analysts are able to explore data faster and deeper. Complex investigations are simplified and blind spots no longer exist.

Machine Learning as your hunting copilot

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