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WormGPt or how AI empowers cybercriminals

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The dark side of AI continues to reveal itself as we learn more about its potential. Here comes WormGPT, the notorious cybercrime tool designed to give malicious actors the upper hand. Capable of automating sophisticated phishing attacks and compromising corporate emails, this clandestine alternative to GPT models could pose a serious threat. While OpenAI and Google are strengthening their defensive model against template abuse, WormGPT slips through the cracks, making it easy for cybercriminals to manufacture convincing emails and wreak havoc ...

The battle for cybersecurity feeds on all available tools. AI is obviously not lacking. The potential for malicious use is undeniable and demands adaptive strategies from cyber defenders. The cat-and-mouse game continues, with defenders striving to stay one step ahead of malicious actors ...


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