Snowballing in Systematic Literature Studies and a Replication in Software Engineering

This week we would like to share with you an original research article. A big part of being a researcher - and the reason we are able to bring you new articles each week - is because we regularly scan the scientific literature in various fields and identify relevant articles to study. The research community (already known to be interested in many original topics :-)) has different approaches to do this, like the "snowballing" method presented here!

This method relies on using keywords to find initial relevant articles and snowballing backwards or forwards by checking the articles cited by or citing the initial articles found, respectively. This method is common, but there are many others like 'Pearl-Growing' or 'Prisma'!

Which one do you think we use? Trick question ... all of them of course ! It depends on the situation. Read the whole article to understand why. Finally, scientific research or business studies, finding and exploiting the right sources remains essential. - 2014 - Guidelines for Snowballing in Systematic Literature Studies and a Replication in Software Engineering.pdf

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