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Unveiling the painful realities of monitoring

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Monitoring is not as simple as it seems and most approaches do not scale well. Mathew Duggan - the author - highlight several issues and challenges with monitoring, including the constant need for maintenance, broken tools, and the lack of focus on transmitting fewer logs and metrics.

And because at Malizen we are particularly interested in log exploration to accelerate cyber investigations, his viewpoint on logs is quite interesting and summarizes the current situation quite well.

Indeed, this blog article highlights the lack of consensus on the purpose of logs. Traditionally, logs were used for debugging, with debug and info levels being commonly used. However, in modern microservices environments, logging becomes crucial for understanding system behavior and becomes a primary tool for debugging, customer service, auditing, and business analytics. This shift adds complexity to the logging infrastructure, requiring user-friendly interfaces and more advanced solutions. The author emphasizes the challenges of maintaining a functional logging system and the importance of investing time and resources in its upkeep. He doesn't forget to mention the significant cost that log storage entails…

An interesting read when exploring log monitoring !


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