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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

When it comes to cybersecurity, some companies choose to handle their security internally while others seek the services of Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs). And today we will focus on today’s top challenges of MSSPs and how Malizen help them tackle them.

Top challenges of today’s MSSPs

A company that does not have the resources in-house can therefore outsource its IT network security management, threat detection, incident response and regulatory compliance to a MSSP to benefit from security expertise and more effective security risk management. By working with a MSSP, companies can benefit from quality security services without having to invest in expensive and hard-to-find in-house resources. While enterprises rely on MSSPs to address certain constraints, MSSPs could face some challenges in providing the level of service quality while ensuring profitability.

Competition is fierce. Good news for MSSPs, security outsourcing is on the rise. According to Gartner's projections, half of all organisations will have implemented managed incident detection and response services by 2025. However, the downside is that this has led to increased competition and pressure on providers from new entrants. With MSSPs popping up all over the place, MSSPs diversifying into cybersecurity, resellers transitioning into managed service providers, and local MSSPs entering the market, the landscape is becoming increasingly crowded. How to differentiate in a crowded market then ?

Recruiting and retaining talents is key to scale. The competition for skilled professionals is fierce, with thousands of open positions remaining unfilled, resulting in a talent shortage that affects all cyber companies globally, including MSSPs. And once you've successfully hired the talent, you have to keep them, which is no small task.. Burnout could be the most critical cybersecurity risk organisations are facing. Increasing workload, multiplicity of tools to handle, being on call 24/7/365, having too many alerts to chase… many reasons explaining why the pain of working in a SOC or in a CERT has increased these last years.

Facing multiple customers and tools. In order to provide the best managed security services to their customers, MSSPs could use many tools and technologies (SIEMs, EDRs, case management tools … ). When signing new customers, they may request that their specific set of tools be used to manage their cybersecurity. However, managing a growing number of products can be challenging, particularly when different clients use different sets of tools. MSSP may need to find ways to integrate various tools together to deliver value to customers.

This is just a sample of the main challenges that MSSPs face and that often prevent them from scaling their business quickly.

Malizen for MSSPs

How Malizen can help MSSPs deal with all these challenges ? Malizen is a software platform for logs investigations.

Drag, drop, explore and understand. Our data visualisation tool makes it easy for MSSPs to monitor the security status of their customers in real time. By viewing security data in interactive graphs and charts, MSSPs can quickly identify incident scenarios, allowing them to take action quickly to protect customers from potential threats.With Malizen, there is no need to set up static dashboards to explore data. Malizen creates the visualisations that express data in the most effective way.

Empowering cyber analysts with machine learning. Malizen's machine learning based copilot recommends data types to explore for all stages of analysis. Our knowledge graph automatically suggests the most relevant techniques and tactics from MITRE ATT&CK framework as the investigation progresses.

Managing multiple Customers and tools in a single platform. Malizen is a multi-tenant platform that makes it possible to monitor disparate security tools for multiple customers in a single interface. Our platform connects and adapts to multiple data sources allowing MSSPs to detect and respond to threats from a single screen. It also mutualises intel across clients and technologies developing a common augmented immunity.

Providing the reporting clarity today’s security leaders need. Malizen allows MSSPs to present the results of their work in a clear and concise way to their clients. MSSPs can create customised reports for each client, showing key security statistics, trends and recent events. Being able to explain IT security challenges clearly and simply builds trust and transparency between MSSPs and their clients, who therefore have a better understanding of their security posture.

Nurture collaboration and knowledge sharing. We offer an easy-to-use, modern, innovative and quick-to-learn tool that gets people up and running faster. Malizen's automation capabilities turn repetitive tasks into simple one-click actions, saving time and putting analysts back at the heart of processes with an intuitive platform. With Malizen in collaborative mode, analysts are no longer hunting for threats alone! They can finally share their investigative leads in real time and exchange with the right experts.

Malizen’s multi-tenant investigation platform allows MSSPs to deliver advanced security services, differentiate themselves from competitors, and provide clear visibility across customer environments, resulting in faster and more effective response times.


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