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About Microsoft’s cybersecurity copilot

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

A short time ago, Microsoft has announced its new cybersecurity copilot, based on the GTP technology. Microsoft proposes a way to detect hidden patterns, strengthen defences and respond faster to incidents using generative AI.

But while it is very effective in conversing with an analyst to inform him of his situation given a prompt or to suggest solutions, we believe that it is only a tool to help analysts investigate. Indeed, when you ask a question that is unclear, incomplete or not very precise, the co-pilot can lead you in very different direction than you expected. This is annoying for the security field when working with sensitive data.

At Malizen, our co-pilot offers something different. It gathers your context, understands your investigator profile and suggests exploration steps so that you, the human with the expertise, can carry out your work.

At Malizen we believe that technology is meant to help humans, not replace them, so our co-pilot must be efficient and accurate.


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