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Versailles hospital turns down operations after ransomware attack

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

After Corbeil-Essonnes this summer, it is now the hospital of Versailles which is, since Saturday, December 3, the target of hackers.

Once again, a ransomware attack has seriously disrupted operations of the hospital. The healthcare teams have gone back to working without IT and the ER is working at 50%. The facility has had a reinforcement of caregivers because some networked machines can no longer be operational at the moment. More staff are therefore needed to monitor patients instead of machines. Some of the more critical patients had to be transferred to other facilities as a precautionary measure. Staff is doing everything possible to ambulatory care but some surgical activities have had to be cancelled.

Following the attack, the various affected systems were isolated in order to limit the spread of the attack across the network. A thorough diagnostic is currently underway in all departments of the hospital to confirm the extent of the impact.

The hacking of the Versailles hospital is part of a series of cyber attacks in recent months. Once spared, the healthcare sector is now under fire from hackers, the weak security of its IT systems making it easy prey.


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