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Pre-summer Malizen updates

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Ahead of the summer holidays, Malizen's cybersecurity platform has a few nice new features that our team has been working on for some time. So we're telling you all about them today!

An even more trusted co-pilot

Our super co-pilot continues to evolve. We have added a selective learning module to our copilot. What does it mean? It is now possible to weight the learning of the copilot based on an analyst's experience and level of seniority. We have enhanced its capabilities to provide improved and personalized recommendations for the investigation in hand. Another step towards accelerating cyber investigations and decision-making.

A timeline history

A new 'undo-redo' feature is now available, allowing you to go back over the timeline after making a precise selection. This makes it quick and easy to return to the full timeline while keeping a history of the analysis that has been carried out.

MongoDB is now connected!

Our tool can now connect to MongoDB to retrieve and analyse data from this platform. A new string to our bow that will serve many customers using this specific data platform.

File ingestion

Our team has worked on better management of the ingestion of JSON files, to make it simpler and more optimised.

A brand new case management page

The Case management page has been reworked to reorganise the information and refresh the design. A system of user mentions in the comment section has also been implemented in order to notify the people concerned. We added a button that displays the analytics in the state it was at the time of the flag.

Treemaps for URLs

Best of all, we have developed a new visualisation in our tool. This feature enables the visualization of URLs in the format of a treemap.

Our team is still committed to its mission of making the work of cyber teams easier and more productive. So we're doing everything we can to further optimise our tool so that it's fully adapted to the work of cybersecurity teams.

We have already started work on new features. We'll keep you posted ;)


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