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Review of the OSSIR meeting

Updated: May 23

Last week, our CEO Christopher attended the OSSIR meeting. The OSSIR (Observatory of Information Systems and Network Security) is a non-profit association established in 1996. This association brings together individuals interested in information systems and network security.

For this 333rd edition, @OWN, a pure player in cybersecurity, once again hosted this meeting in order to support the association in its mission of awareness and training in the field of cybersecurity.

It was a great opportunity to showcase Malizen, our product, and emphasize how we simplify the work of cybersecurity teams through the integration of data visualization and machine learning. We engaged in stimulating discussions about our product, particularly focusing on how our machine learning-based copilot learns from analysts' decisions and transparently provides recommendations.

In summary, the OSSIR meeting was filled with enriching conversations, and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other professionals in the industry. Chris's video is available online, so go ahead and watch it!

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