Malizen launches its Community Edition

Updated: Nov 3

Breaking news ! 🎉

We are launching the Community Version of our platform ! Accessible for free and directly from our website, our platform is now available for the entire cyber community.

As you already know, we have developed a platform to accelerate cyber investigations. No more context switching with our knowledge graph that aggregates and correlates all available data. No more manual log querying with our visual exploration environment. Go faster with our Machine Learning-copilote that will accelerate your investigation and guide you through MITRE ATT&CK classification. And so much more, with our collaboration module and automatic reporting functionalities.

Because we serve the cyber community, it only seemed natural to share our platform with all of its members. You can now ingest your own data and quickly explore it with our unique visual environment. It is just here

Happy to have your feedbak ! 😊

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