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Cyber cliches > Those who work in cyber or tech are IT support ;)

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

It's common for people to think that those who work in cybersecurity have the ability to hack into anything. However, these individuals are often wrongly perceived as being part of an IT after-sales service due to the nature of their job. Today, we'll be discussing this misconception. And this is what we are going to talk about today ;)

As it is often the case, this stereotype is reinforced by popular culture, movies and the media. And it's quite common for it to be said that anyone who works in cybersecurity (and/or IT) is considered an expert in all areas related to computers and technology. Everyone thinks that you or your friend can fix or hack literally anything to do with computers. You are "computer people" so you can fix anything related to computers, right? You will then be asked for advice on a new phone, antivirus, computer configuration etc.

The reality behind the stereotypes

The idea that cybersecurity professionals can "fix everything" related to computers is not entirely true…

Indeed, despite the fact that people working in cybersecurity possess a strong understanding of computer systems and networks, it's important to note that cyber remains a very specific field that requires specialised knowledge and skills. Again, there is a lack of knowledge about cybersecurity. Some of the nuances of the IT professions are not yet fully understood and it is therefore possible for some to think that a cyber expert can solve all IT issues.

Movies also have their share of responsibility for this stereotype. In how many movies is the “IT guy” a macgyver of computers or even of anything connected to the internet? They are indeed frequently depicted as having a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of computing, which can create unrealistic expectations. For this reason, people may assume that cyber analysts can deal with any computer or technology issues because of the technical nature of their work. But representations are changing, and movies are becoming more accurate about cybersecurity. With the way technology is continuing to permeate all aspects of society, many more are sure to come. Hopefully, future movies will reflect the reality of cyber and not dive too much into the fantastical side of it.

So no, just because you know someone who works in cybersecurity doesn't mean they can solve all your computer issues! You can surely ask nicely …

But cyber analysts can demonstrate their skills by using our Malizen tool to quickly identify and sort out cyber alerts. Here it is 👉

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3 days ago

People often think that cybersecurity experts can hack everything! But this is actually a misperception because of their profession. Cybersecurity workers have unique skills and knowledge that go beyond fixing computers. Record a podcast on this topic (in my opinion it will be clearer). You can use for this. It's free and very convenient

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