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A new graphic design reflecting Malizen's mission

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Malizen is starting the new school year under new colours to affirm our position : we are the accelerators of your cyber teams !

In this post, we want to with you share a backstage view into our thoughts.

At Malizen, our vision has always been that technology should support cyber teams instead of trying to replace them. Cybersecurity is founded on people and so is its future ! And that's the mission we've given ourselves : increase the performance of cyber teams by developing technologies which serve human intelligence.

So our new visual identity would necessarily have to reflect these core elements of our mission and our platform :

  • Acceleration. Malizen accelerates cyber data investigations through a winning combo of data visualisation and machine learning. We have translated this into our new graphic identity with colourful and dynamic shapes.

  • Transparence. With Malizen, we want to make cybersecurity an accessible and useful domain for as many people as possible. No more communication barriers between cyber and business. No more pain writing and deciphering reports ! That’s why we’ve chosen to use transparent overlays of coloured shapes.

  • Simplification. Malizen makes the daily lives of analysts easier. They're often under too much pressure, so let's free ourselves of time spent investigating false positives by limiting low-value tasks and by avoiding continuous context switching during investigations. We have therefore opted for a clear and uncluttered visual identity to remind us of our ambition to simplify the daily life of cyber analysts.

We also chose to represent the 4 functional pillars produced by 4 coloured icons : Connection and integration to IT systems, visual and intuitive investigation interfaces, an autonomous co-pilot who automates, real-time collaboration.

As for the colors ? We decided to go for light mode and bright colours for more dynamism and also because cyber isn’t only a dark world of hackers !

You can discover this new identity by exploring our new website or through our publications on our social networks 😊


logo Malizen

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