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VirusTotal Code Insight: Generative AI for enhanced threat analysis.

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

This article introduces a new feature of VirusTotal, called “Code Insight”. It is designed to assist companies in gaining a better understanding of the security of their source code by leveraging artificial intelligence. By utilizing Code Insight, users can analyze their application's source code and detect security vulnerabilities, configuration errors, and unsafe coding practices. The feature combines code analysis and vulnerability scanning techniques to provide valuable insights into the security of the codebase.

The primary objective of Code Insight is to enable security experts to rapidly and easily comprehend codebases. It achieves this by employing natural language processing (NLP) to summarize code snippets. By representing the code logic in natural language, security experts can more effectively identify and mitigate potential security issues and threats.

One of the aims of Code Insight is to enhance the identification of false negative and positive alerts. VirusTotal hopes that this feature will serve as a valuable solution for organizations seeking to bolster the security of their source code and safeguard their users from online security threats.


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