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The Senate has been hit again by a cyber attack

Two months ago, the Senate suffered a cyber attack that resulted in the temporary unavailability of its website for several hours. On May 5th, the Senate's website was again the target of an attack and was therefore completely inaccessible for many hours.

The responsibility for this distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack was claimed by a faction of hackers known as NoName057(16), who are aligned with pro-Russian interests. In their communication, they criticized Paris' support for Kiev. A swift response was initiated, involving multiple teams, to promptly restore website functionality. Normalcy was reinstated within two days of the attack.

On May 3rd, several French town halls also fell victim to Russian hacker groups who also used the DDoS technique to overwhelm websites.

Remarkably, none of these attacks involved any ransom demands. Their sole objective was to convey a message by paralyzing select websites belonging to French institutions.

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