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Once Again Exposed: Cyber Team Fatigue

A new research report by Vectra AI on the state of threat detection (survey of 2,000 analysts) confirms cyber team fatigue.

The report reveals that the gap between Security Operations teams and their detection tools has grown, hindering cybersecurity efforts. Rapidly advancing cyber threats, coupled with an expanding attack surface and a surge in workload for SOC analysts, create a detrimental cycle. Manual alert review costs organizations $3.3 billion yearly in the US alone. Despite dealing with 4,484 daily alerts, 67% go unattended, and 83% are false positives. Consequently, SOC teams struggle to manage risks, with 97% fearing missed threats and 41% facing alert overload due to vendor concerns. Analyst burnout is evident, as 67% contemplate leaving roles. Lack of essential tools and a bleak view of career viability (52%) add to the challenge.

We can't stress it enough: people are a key factor in the effectiveness of an organization's cyber protection. Let's make sure that the tools we develop don't add to the uncertainty of cyber teams.


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