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An overview of psychological mechanisms in cybersecurity marketing

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Today, we recommend an article on the psychology of marketing and sales in the specific field of cybersecurity. Marketing in cybersecurity is still not well documented, even though cybersecurity solutions have been on the market for a long time. Hence our idea to share this article with you.

It summarizes quite well the buying behaviors and their underlying psychological mechanisms, and how solution and/or services providers exploit them.

Like insurance companies, most security companies still sell a sense of security by offering a magic tool that will prevent 100% of attacks. Fear is a major factor in purchasing decisions and, ironically, these "magic tools" often produce the opposite of what they promise by creating a false sense of security. But this trend is disappearing with organizations moving away from promises to proofs, and vendors embracing transparency and abandoning buzz marketing.

Malizen is one of them, of course! We are convinced that with the number of new cyber attacks on the rise, organizations will understand that they can no longer take "100% protection" promises seriously.


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