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Météo France recently suffered a cyber attack

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Between April 11 and 12, the French national meteorology agency, Météo-France, was the victim of a cyber attack.

It was a denial of service attack that prevented Internet users from accessing the company's websites and applications for several hours. Météo-France also revealed that "the extranets of institutional and commercial clients containing meteorological information and teleworking means were also affected.”

The agency said it had taken measures to limit the effects of the attack, in collaboration with cyber security experts. Météo-France also specified that there had been no leakage of sensitive data due to the origin of the attack (DDoS) and that the security of its systems had been strengthened. The origin of the attack remains unknown for the time being, but the agency assured that an investigation was underway to identify those responsible.

This cyber attack once again highlights the importance of cybersecurity in today's digital world, even (and especially) for large institutions such as the French National Meteorological Agency.


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