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Is the future of cybersecurity in automation?

Increasing attack surface, ransomware surge, cybersecurity talent shortage ... Implementing a sustainable cybersecurity strategy is becoming more and more complex for IT managers. Automation is becoming one of the keys to this cyber resilience.

This article highlights the fact that companies, although aware of cyber risk, significantly overestimate their ability to respond to attacks. One of the reason of this discrepancy between perception and reality is that security spending is increasing sharply. However, investments are not always up to the challenge or simply not directed towards the right areas. Companies end up with a multitude of monofunctional or complex tools... This brings us to the purpose of automation... Once the repetitive tasks have been automated, analysts can focus on remediation and other more in-depth activities.

However, to go further it would have been useful to remember that automation is not as easy a solution as it seems. We have been working on this for a few years at Malizen, so we know what we are talking about :-)

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