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Companies are becoming a little more mature about their security

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Recently, the consulting firm Wavestone conducted its annual study on the cyber maturity of companies among 100 clients. This study shows that this maturity has increased slightly over the past year from a maturity rate of 46% in 2022 to 49%. A 3 point increase which is significant for the sector.

However, the study also highlighted that there is still significant room for improvement, as 53% of French companies still do not meet minimum security requirements. This is particularly worrying given the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks on businesses.

The study also revealed some inequalities between business sectors and company size. Indeed, the finance sector tends to have a higher cyber security maturity, with an average score of 60% compared to 36.4% for the public sector. This suggests that not only do you need to invest in cybersecurity to protect your business, but you also need to do everything you can to do so effectively.

Overall, the study indicates that there has been progress in cybersecurity maturity among French companies, but there is still much to be done to ensure that all companies are adequately protected against cyber attacks.

At Malizen, this is why we want to put in the hands of companies a platform to increase the effectiveness of cyber teams to help companies progress in their cyber maturity.


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