Paralysed Essonne hospital fights cyber attack

Updated: Sep 28

On August 21st, the Hospital Center in Corbeil-Essonne was attacked by a group of hackers believed to be LockBit 3.0. The attack affected business software, storage systems and the patient admissions information system, forcing the hospital’s staff to go back to work “by hand”.

Following the attack, the hackers asked for a ransom of 10 million dollars. The hospital hasn’t give in to this ultimatum. Therefore the group of cyberattackers carried out their threat last friday by releasing over 11GB of sensitive data. Among the data disclosed are social security numbers and certain health data such as radiology, laboratory and other test reports.

The risk is now that this sensitive data could be used to organize new targeted attacks, using the personal information to gain the trust of potential victims. groupe de hackers%2C qui,de payer la rançon demandée.

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