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5 steps towards better cybersecurity management

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

As we know and keep repeating, cybersecurity is a major issue for companies today. So knowing how to manage a cybersecurity crisis is essential to prevent and manage the consequences of an attack. Companies need to know how to react quickly, implement the right procedures and be able to recover affected services.

The article proposes 5 measures to properly manage a cybersecurity crisis and minimize the consequences. Among these measures, the first one is the creation of a specific Incident Response team. The objective is to establish the right action plans including internal and external communication and collaboration procedures as well as prevention ones.

This article does not discuss the best tools for this team. Too bad… at Malizen, we are convinced that intelligently equipping Incident Response teams is essential for them to be as operational as possible. Enough to raise alerts while not drowning the experts in false positives. Not that easy…


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