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Augment your cybersecurity


How fast can you respond to incidents?  

Our platform augments cyber analysts with dataviz and machine learning. We simplify their lives so their can respond faster.

Find twice as many threats, four times faster.

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Use cases

Accelerate your cyber investigations to respond to incidents faster.

Alert qualification

Qualify alerts and find incidents faster. Nobody has time to waste on false positives.

Incident response

Help your analysts investigate faster and dig deeper.

Find threats faster with a central interactive visual environment.

Threat Hunting

SIEM Optimisation

Leverage your SIEM and investigate correlations with other data sources on a single platform.

Accelerate your

cybersecurity investigations

Help your team fly through data without composing queries,

and handle complex investigations faster with smart visualization.

Our unified data view gathers all your datasources into a knowledge graph,

and empowers your teams with a continuously learning copilot AI.

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